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Party at Wordcamp 2017

Party at Wordcamp 2017

In this entry, i will share the information regarding WordCamp 2017 is.  First of all, what is WordCamp?

WordCamp is a conference or convention that focus everything on WordPress.

The guest are from casual users like blogger to corporate business entity and developer. Which share the same common goal, which come to participate, share ideas and get to know each other.

The first WordCamp started in San Francisco, California . Ever since that, the community started grew from place to another, country to another country, years by years.

Up until now, the wordpress user are across the globe from small business to stocks option company. The capability of wordpress to deliver in business are no doubt and WordPress itself has become one of player that has the capability to change everything (Business, daily life, and as well towards community).

This year, the event took 10 separate place and timeline. For those who are in asian country, Malaysia, WordPress has  set their benchmark for the second time (previously in 2010) in conducting WordCamp in Malaysia.

The event will be held in :-


Royale Chulan Bukit Bintang KL
17-21, Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


25th November 2017

You can your ticket here at this link


It is one day event that full sharing session. People can choose which session that want to join. For more info on this schedule, kindly check on the official website for WordCamp Kuala Lumpur 2017 (WordCamp KL 2017 schedule) .

Let’s Join this. The more the merrier.

I end this entry. Ciao.


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