- Introduction

WordPress Specialist, DevOps & Security Consultant, based in Selangor. MY.

The internet is a fascinating world. We dive in with the goal of increasing customer retention, repeat sales, and reaching more people with your product. Hence, converting you into a digital entity so that you can sell
and be secure at the same time.

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Any Type of Query & Discussion .

Words can be difficult to translate at times, and it takes time. If you are unable to speak, you can explain by drawing or using a flow diagram. You can also contact me directly to speak with me.

You can’t use up creativity the more you use, more you have in your significant mind.

It’s my job to transform the very thing in your mind into tangible way / form. With years of experience, and case studies you can rest assured.

WordPress Web Design

Your website needs flexible landing pages that are easy to build, showcase your brand, optimized to convert and attract new sales.

Ecommerce Website

Building up the most enhance online store and powered by most stable engine, Woocommerce.

Managed Service

If you don’t have a time to manage you can subscribe manage service to manage your WordPress or system

Don’t Let Your Website Be The Reason You Can't Attract New Customer From Internet.

It’s next to impossible to move your business forward if your website
is the one thing holding you back.
- Portfolio

Past Works

Past customer that work together come from different range of Entrepreneur & Small Businesses Ready to serve to meet your client.

Cross Platform Integration

Sync the potential leads, map fields and segment your database with your
favorite tools applications. With me, everything is automated this includes your
website’s CTAs, forms, and landing pages with over 100+ apps to suits your business needs.